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2017 Vol. 101, No. 1

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Issue Title Author
Poultry Production Messaging in Two National-Circulation Newspapers Leslie D. Edgar, Donald M. Johnson, and Stuart Estes
Water use in Florida: Examining Perceptions of Water use Based on Visual Images Joshua M. Epstein, Lisa K. Lundy, and Alexa J. Lamm
Poultry Production Messaging: Frames and Emergent Themes in Three National Newspapers, 1994 to 2014 Stuart Estes, Leslie D. Edgar, and Donald M. Johnson
Community-Based Grazing Marketing: Barriers and Benefits Related to the Adoption of Best Management Practices in Grazing Systems Audrey E. H. King, Lauri M. Baker, and Peter J. Tomlinson
A Case Study of Using Metacognitive Reflections to Enhance Writing Skills and Strategies in an Agricultural Media Writing Course Tobin Redwine, Holli R. Leggette, and Brooke Prather
Exploring Perspectives of Students Studying Communication Toward Media Access and Use: A Q Methodological Study Angel Riggs, Diane Montgomery, and Cindy Blackwell