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2016 Vol. 100, No. 3

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Issue Title Author
Expo Milano 2015: The Overview, Issue, and Future for Agricultural Communicators Abigail Borron and Jessica Holt
Testing the Usability of Communication Materials through Heat Maps in Online Survey Platforms Laura M. Gorham, Shuyang Qu, Ricky W. Telg, and Alexa J. Lamm
Fairgoers’ Attitudes Toward Youth Livestock Exhibits at the California State Fair Krista Anderson-McCoon, Dwayne Cartmell, and Robert Terry, Jr.
Millennial Alumni Perceptions of Communications: A Look at One Land Grant University’s Media Use Amanda Northfell, Leslie D. Edgar, Donna L. Graham, and K. Jill Rucker
Associating Importance with Behavior: Providing Direction for Water Conservation Communication Alexa J. Lamm, Lisa K. Lundy, Laura Warner, and Kevan W. Lamm
Using Q Methodology in Agricultural Communications Research: A Philosophical Study Holli R. Leggette and Tobin Redwine
What Side Are You On? An Examination of the Persuasive Message Factors in Proposition 37 Videos on YouTube Amber Krause, Courtney Meyers, Erica Irlbeck, and Todd Chambers
Communicating Climate Change: A Qualitative Study Exploring how Communicators and Educators are Approaching Climate-Change Discussions Katie Rohling, Cassie Wandersee, Lauri M. Baker, and Peter Tomlinson
Assessing the Content of Online Agricultural Awareness Campaigns Joy N. Rumble, Quisto Settle, and Tracy Irani
Farmed and Dangerous? A Case Study of Chipotle’s Branded Entertainment Series and Polarized Reactions to its Satirical Depiction of Farming and Agribusiness Nathan Gikerson, Rebecca Swenson, and Betsy Anderson
Influence of Source Credibility on Agricultural Water Use Communication Alexa J. Lamm, Courtney T. Owens, Ricky W. Telg, and Kevan W. Lamm