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2016 Vol. 100, No. 2

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Issue Title Author
A Review of Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture Laura M. Gorham
A Content and Visual Analysis of Promotional Pieces Used in a Communication Campaign for the Arkansas [Commodity] Promotion Board Amy Hughes, Tara L. Johnson, Leslie D. Edgar, Jefferson D. Miller and Casandra Cox
Branding the Berries: Consumers’ Strawberry Purchasing Intent and their Attitude toward Florida Strawberries Taylor K. Ruth and Joy N. Rumble
Managing Extension’s Internal Brand: Employees’ Perceptions of the Functions and Descriptors of Extension Quisto Settle, Lauri M. Baker and Scott Stebner
Opening the Doors to Agriculture: The Effect of Transparent Communication on Attitude Joy N. Rumble and Tracy Irani
Reaching Millennials: Implications for Advertisers of Competitive Sporting Events that Use Animals Jackie Hill, Mallory Mobly and Billy R. McKim
Student Expectations and Reflections of a Study Away Course Experience to Washington, D.C. Courtney Meyers and Shannon Arnold
Teaching Convergence in 21st Century Undergraduate Agricultural Communication: A Pilot Study of Backpack Multimedia Kits in a Blended, Project-Based Learning Course Jamie Loizzo, Abigail Borron, Amanda Gee and Peggy A. Ertmer
The Role of Dissonance and Schema: An Exploration of Florida Public Perception after the DWH Oil Spill Laura M. Gorham, Joy N. Rumble, Kacie L. Pounds, Angie B. Lindsey and Tracy Irani