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VOLUME 99, NO. 4

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The Message or the Channel: An Experimental Design of Consumers' Perceptions of a Local Food Message and the Media Channels Used to Deliver the Information* [PDF]
Jessica Holt, Joy N. Rumble, Ricky Telg, and Alexa Lamm

Prince Farming Takes a Wife: Exploring the Use of Agricultural Imagery and Stereotypes on ABC's The Bachelor* [PDF]
Annie R. Specht and Brooke W. Beam

Consumer Perceptions of Poultry Production: A Focus on Arkansas* [PDF]
Stuart Estes, Leslie D. Edgar, and Donald M. Johnson

Totally Transparent: A Qualitative Study About the Impact of Farm Tours on Bloggers* [PDF]
Scott Stebner, Jennifer Ray, Jessie Becker, and Lauri M. Baker

Ask the Audience: Determining Organizational Identity of a State Extension Agency* [PDF]
Jennifer Ray, Lauri M. Baker, and Quisto Settle

Characteristics of U.S. Agricultural Communications Undergraduate Programs* [PDF]
Jefferson D. Miller, Morgan M. Large, K. Jill Rucker, Kate Shoulders, and Emily B. Buck

Exploring the Uses and Gratifications of Agricultural Blog Readers* [PDF]
Courtney Meyers, Kate Gracey, Erica Irlbeck, and Cindy Akers

Exploring the Relationship Between Pre-School-aged Animated Television and Agriculture: A Content Analysis of Disney Junior's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse* [PDF]
Cassaundra Dietrich, Emily Buck, and Annie Specht

*Manuscripts presented at the 2015 Association for Communication Excellence Conference held in Charleston, South Carolina. These papers went through an additional expedited peer review before being accepted for publication in the Journal.