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VOLUME 99, NO. 1

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The Impact of Being a Public Organization on the Public's Perceptions of the Florida Forest Service's Brand [PDF]
Quisto Settle, Joy Rumble, Ricky Telg, Traci Irani, Hannah Carter and Allen Wysocki

The Pastoral Fantasy on the Silver Screen: The Influence of Film on American Cultural Memory of the Agrarian Landscape [PDF]
Annie R. Specht and Tracy Rutherford

How Students Develop Skill and Identity in an Agricultural Communications Writing Course [PDF]
Holli R. Leggette and Holly Jarvis

Evaluating Food Labels and Food Messages: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Message Format and Product Type on Evaluations of Magazine Food Advertisements [PDF]
Yongick Jeong and Lisa K. Lundy

Developing Writing Identity in an Advanced Agricultural Communications Media Writing Course [PDF]
Holli R. Leggette, Holly Jarvis and David Walther