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VOLUME 96, NO. 3

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A Textbook Example: Lessons Learned about Visual Content Used for an Agricultural Communications Textbook [PDF]
Ricky Telg


Brand Salience and Brand Differentiation of the Florida Forest Service* [PDF]
Quisto Settle, Joy Goodwin, Ricky Telg, Tracy Irani, Hannah Carter, and Al Wysocki

Selected GO TEXAN Members' Online Presence: A Communications Audit* [PDF]
Courtney Gibson, Chelsey Ahrens, Courtney Meyers, and Erica Irlbeck

Media Dependency During a Food Safety Incident Related to the U.S. Beef Industry* [PDF]
Ashley D. Charanza and Traci L. Naile

Expressions of Social Presence in Agricultural Conversations on Twitter: Implications for Agricultural Communications* [PDF]
Kelly M. Pritchett, Traci L. Naile, and Theresa P. Murphrey

Beef Producers' Risk Perceptions of an Agroterrorism Event Occurring in Oklahoma [PDF]
Marcus A. Ashlock, D. Dwayne Cartmell II, and James G. Leising

Agricultural Communication Students Perceptions, Knowledge, and Identified Sources of Information About Agritourism [PDF]
Katie Amaral, Leslie D. Edgar, and Donald M. Johnson

Impact of Newspaper Characteristics on Reporters' Agricultural Crisis Stories: Productivity, Story Length, and Source Selection [PDF]
Judith M. White and Tracy Rutherford

*Manuscripts presented at the 2012 Association for Communication Excellence Conference held in Annapolis, Maryland. These papers went through an additional expedited peer review before being accepted for publication in the Journal.