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VOLUME 95, NO. 3


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Perceptions of Agricultural Communications Freshmen Regarding Curriculum Expectations and Career Aspirations [PDF]
Tamra Watson and J. Tanner Robertson

Is Perception Reality? Improving Agricultural Messages by Discovering How Consumers Perceive Messages [PDF]
Joy N. Goodwin, Christy Chiarelli, and Tracy Irani

The Contribution of Selected Instructional Methods Toward Graduate Student Understanding of Crisis Communication [PDF]
Christy Witt, David Doerfert, Tracy Rutherford, Theresa Murphrey, and Leslie Edgar

Using Facebook as a Communication Tool in Agricultural-Related Social Movements [PDF]
Mica Graybill-Leonard, Courtney Meyers, David Doerfert, and Erica Irlbeck

Television Journalists' Perceptions of Agricultural Stories and Sources in Texas [PDF]
Kori Barr, Erica Irlbeck, Courtney Meyers, and Todd Chambers

Advocacy in Agricultural Social Movements: Exploring Facebook as a Public Relations Communication Tool [PDF]
Courtney Meyers, Erica Irlbeck, Mica Graybill-Leonard, and David Doerfert

Postsecondary Students' Reactions to Agricultural Documentaries: A Qualitative Analysis [PDF]
Courtney Meyers, Erica Irlbeck, and Kelsey Fletcher