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VOLUME 92, NOS. 1-2



JAC Transitions [PDF]
Mark Tucker and Dwayne Cartmell

Professional Development

Efficacy of Blended E-Learning Tools: A Case Study [PDF]
Jerold R. Thomas, Gregory A. Davis, and Myra L. Moss

The University of Florida’s Scientific Thinking and Educational Partnership Program: An Approach for Genetics Outreach [PDF]
Lisa Hightower, Ricky Telg, Courtney Meyers, Tracy Irani, Maria Gallo, and Brian Myers


Voter Confidence in the Agricultural Industry [PDF]
Eric K. Kaufman, Glenn D. Israel, and Tracy A. Irani

Colorado AgrAbility: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Outreach Efforts Targeting Farmers and Ranchers With Disabilities [PDF]
Cindy T. Christen and Robert J. Fetsch

Organizational Learning in a High-Risk Environment: Responding to an Anthrax Outbreak [PDF]
Shari R. Veil and Timothy L. Sellnow

Research Brief

Digital Versus Printed Publication: Results From an Agricultural Extension Readership Survey [PDF]
Jacob E. McCarthy, David K. Beede, and Annie Edgecomb