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VOLUME 100, NO. 1

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A Review and Evaluation of Prominent Theories of Writing [PDF]
Holli R. Leggette, Tracy Rutherford, Deborah Dunsford, and Lori Costello

Agricultural Communications: A National Portrait of Undergraduate Courses [PDF]
Karen J. Cannon, Annie R. Specht and Emily B. Buck

Agricultural Communications: Perspectives from the Experts [PDF]
Fawn Kurtzo, Maggie Jo Hansen, K. Jill Rucker and Leslie D. Edgar

Coming of Age: How JAC is Reflecting a National Research Agenda for Communications in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life Human Sciences [PDF]
Lulu Rodriguez and James F. Evans

Let's Get Theoretical: A Quantitative Content Analysis of Theories and Models Used in the Journal of Applied Communications [PDF]
Lauri M. Baker and Audrey E. H. King

Literature Themes from Five Decades of Agricultural Communications Publications [PDF]
Bo/David Williford, Leslie D. Edgar, K. Jill Rucker and Stuart Estes

Professional Development

The Spirit Lives On: Communication Seminars as a Surprisingly Hardy, Valuable, and Promising Heritage of NPAC [PDF]
Kerry J. Brynes and Jim Evans